Potty-training boys – what not to do

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Weeman potty trainer At the risk of exercising your patience, there is one last thing I must add to my potty-training series. And I promise you, this will be the very last post about potty training, because I can confidently say that we’ve made it. 4 months since we’ve started and Eric is managing his toilet needs just fine.

But here is a thing that I’ve done wrong and I hope you don’t follow my footsteps – I bought him a Weeman toilet trainer, and it was an annoying mistake. At the first glance it looked great, and both I and my friend who’s got a two-year-old fell for it, but we both regretted the purchase.

Another baby: to have or not to have? Part 2.

Brother and sister Assuming that you already know why I am hesitating to get pregnant again, here is why I’d do it anyway:

A life-long family connection

Thanks for sticking around!

Thank you my readers Wow. I can’t believe I didn’t write one line here in over a month!

My loyal readers, I apologize. A lot has happened. Eric got very sick and proved to me once again that I am capable of a lot, to help my baby get better. That I am a Mom first, a wife second, and a blogger third.

Another baby: to have or not to have? Part 1.

Big brother little sister This question has been on my mind a lot lately. Maybe Eric’s second birthday triggered it all and maybe it’s the endless questions of everybody we know (and don’t know!) “So when are you having another child?”.

It’s funny how people feel completely free to ask you such a personal question – especially the perfect strangers. Hello, my dear cashier lady, thanks for putting my groceries into the nice plastic bags, can you please tell me why you’re so interested in the number of children I will – or will not – have? I don’t even know your name and might never see you again. Actually, from now on, I will make sure I never see you again – and if I do, I will go to another register.

Potty training, the conclusion

Reading newspaper on a toilet This will be the last post in the potty-training series, because guess what – we made it!

And when I say “we made it”, I mean that one month after an intensive potty-training week Eric is 98% dry through the day, wearing diapers only for sleep time. We still get an odd accident here and there, if I don’t remind him for too long that he needs to use the potty. But overall, he knows how to use the potty, can pull his pants down, sit on the potty, do his thing, get up and pull his pants back up, empty the potty into the toilet, wash it in a sink, put it back and even wipe it with toilet paper :) – all that without any help from me.

Happy New Year 2010!

Happy New Year 2010 Wow. I can’t believe today is the last day of 2009. It seems like only days ago we were celebrating it’s beginning. And just in time, Simplemom.net posted some questions for me, as a parent, to think about, to look back and see how I measure up – and to make future plans.

Here’s what she asks:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! My wonderful readers and fellow bloggers,

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May all of you spend it the way you like it – with tons of guests and visitors, or just the closest family, the important thing is that you make it special.

Potty training, day 7.

Washing on the line After a week of intensive potty training I was reasonably sure that Eric can demonstrate his new skills at the day care. Ha ha ha (laughing bitterly). What a joke.

When I discussed potty training with the staff at the day care center, they assured me that there is a special procedure they follow for all the kids in potty training. They are taken to the potty every 30 minutes and that leaves little room for accidents. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? Well…

Potty training, day 6.

Poo training signContrary to what you may think, our potty training is a long way from being over. What surprises me most is that all the books I’ve read are saying “bowel motions are easier for toddlers to get control of, compared to urinating”. For Eric it’s exactly the opposite. He will go dry for an hour (or even two) and will pee when I sit him on the potty, yet he will poop his pants.

It’s like he doesn’t feel when he needs to poop. He’ll come to me right after such accident and will tell me that he did it, but never before. So now I find it more difficult to train him to poop in the potty than to wee in the potty, because I only get one attempt a day and it’s hard to predict when, his bowel motions are not regular. When I see him going quiet and red, it’s too late already, and if I try to anticipate it and sit him on the potty after meals, he’s getting sick of sitting after 10 minutes and wants to run away.

Potty training, day 5.

Girl reading on a toiletToday some pretty unexpected things happened.

It all began as an ordinary potty training nightmare day – Eric woke up, we tried the potty, no luck, half an hour later we got ourselves another accident – well, what else is new.

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