I hate being late. In my old life I used to be rather 15 minutes early than 5 minutes late. That’s the thing that was driving me crazy for the first 5 months of Eric’s life -nothing can be planned any more.

10 things I miss about my old life

There are a lot of things I used to love, which I don’t have any more:

Rock climbing – I miss it the most. It gave me this incredible sense of achievement, something I don’t seem to get out of anything I do these days.

Baby conspiracy

Hey, you’re new! I love new people, welcome. You may want to subscribe to Baby-Log via RSS feed or via email. Thanks for visiting!Yes, baby conspiracy is the right name for this phenomenon. I believe that all the people in the world can be divided into two groups – those who have kids and those […]

Baby Sling

Baby slings are great. I got mine from my brother’s girlfriend, she gave me a baby-sling as a present when Eric was born. At first when I tried to fit him there he resisted and I almost gave up on it, but later I tried another couple of times and he got used to it. Rob skeptically looked at my clumsy attempts to sit the baby comfortably in the sling and told me “Why don’t you go practice on a brick or something”.

First tooth

I barely noticed Eric’s first pair of teeth. He wasn’t behaving any differently; the only unusual thing was pink spots on his cheeks. Just before he turned 6 months, one day I was feeding him, when he grabbed my finger, pulled it into his mouth and I felt something sharp poking me – that was […]

I have said more than once that nothing comes easy to me. For a month now (starting at 6 months) we have been trying to get Eric on solids and what can I say – it wasn’t a

New phase in sleeping

Eric used to fall asleep when I swaddle and rock him, holding vertically, as if I was walking. Ever since he was born this jiggling motion worked every time, it relaxed him and eventually he would node off. The only thing I was worried about – what will happen when he’s too heavy for me to lift and rock, because he is a big baby. That worked beautifully for the first 6 months – but since yesterday it stopped. He screams and arches his back when Rob or I are trying this old technique on him. I guess he is telling us – I have grown out of that baby stuff :).

Why Eric was born

I got pregnant because I promised Rob we will have a baby. It was the only reason, honestly. I knew full well all the reasons against it – because with a baby you loose your identity to become just “a Mum”, because it ruins your health and your figure, because you will never have a night of unbroken sleep – and the list goes on. But I knew he would be never happy without a child and that was enough for me to give him one

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