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I have read this recently at Rookiemoms – there is a way to predict baby’s future height based on a simple calculation. For boys, take the biological mom’s height, add 5 inches (cm) and remember that number. The boy’s height will be between that number and his biological dad’s height. For girls, subtract 5 inches from her dad’s height – she will be between that and her mom’s height.

I have a little story of my own about predictions (a bit skeptical, I’m afraid). Once upon a time, before they invented an ultrasound, there was a doctor who could predict the gender of the baby. And he was never wrong. Every time a pregnant couple would come to see him and ask about the baby’s gender, he would say “You’re having a boy / a girl” and make a note in his notebook.

Some people were surprised when they were expecting a girl and instead a boy was born, or vise versa. So when they came to see the doctor and complained “You predicted a girl and we got a boy”, he would say “Oh that can’t be right, let me check in the notebook, what’s your surname, Smith? Aha… here, see, here – Smith, a boy is what I predicted. And indeed, the notebook said “Smith, baby boy”. So the couple would return home even more confused.

But here is what really happened: every time the doctor was writing the opposite sex from what he was saying. He would say: “You’re going to have a boy” but wrote “a girl” in the notebook, because he figured – only those whom he got wrong will want to come, complain and check the notebook :)

Now that’s a smart way to make predictions! What do you think? Leave a comment, let me know.