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Nanny for working moms baby
I truly believe those were my only options.

I was falling behind with my work, the dishes piling up in the sink, the dog was neglected, the garden was abandoned, my friends thought I left the country …you get the idea. Eric is a great kid, and he needs a lot of attention so I wasn’t making progress on anything else. The situation was getting ridiculous: when I was with Eric, I couldn’t stop thinking about the work, and when I was trying to do the work I was feeling guilty about not doing enough for Eric.

This had to end – and I started to look for a nanny. I knew from the very start that it will be hard to find the kind of nanny I’d like my baby to have. She has to be very kind, gentle and patient with him, she has to pay attention, she has to understand when he’s cold or hot, she has to know when he’s hungry or thirsty, she has to know how to make him smile, she has to …be me.

Life teaches us all about compromises – so I sat down and drew up a nanny profile.

Age: not too young because I want someone responsible, and not too old because she won’t be able to keep up with him – and he is one quick little boy.

Gender: hmmm, I know that I don’t get on very well with women – so why not have a male nanny? Let’s say that both are acceptable, there are not much men in that profession anyway.

Education: I prefer people who had certificates in child related education. Why? Two reasons:
1) I might learn something from them without having to do the course myself
2)They will help my baby’s development because they are trained to.

Certificates: Two that are a must: pediatric first aid and police check. I didn’t insist on a clean driving record because she wasn’t going to drive my baby anywhere.

References: I wanted recent references with contact phone numbers. One can’t be too picky when it’s about their baby’s well-being.

And then the search began. I posted an ad in the online classified ads portal. There were some responses but mostly from students and people who were looking for a summer job – not really what I had in mind.

So to get some serious results fast I bought a subscription to a nanny database website. It took me a while to pick the right website – there were too many. Here’s how I’ve chosen a good one: they all let you do a sample search for free, so you select your requirements (how many hours a day, how many days a week, baby’s age, etc) and get a number of carers available in your area. I have chosen the website with biggest number of nannies in my area, it has been around for two years and had a reasonable subscription price.

To be continued. Don’t go away, but if you do – subscribe.