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Eric used to fall asleep when I swaddle and rock him, holding vertically, as if I was walking. Ever since he was born this jiggling motion worked every time, it relaxed him and eventually he would nod off. The only thing I was worried about – what will happen when he’s too heavy for me to lift and rock, because he is a big baby. That worked beautifully for the first 6 months – but since yesterday it stopped. He screams and arches his back when Rob or I are trying this old technique on him. I guess he is telling us – I have grown out of that baby stuff :).

Now we put him on our bed and he crawls on it back an forth, squealing and rubbing his eyes, while one of us is trying to calm him patting on the back, pressing him down lightly and trying to gently stop his hands from moving. After some time (seems like eternity, if you ask me) he stops moving, lies down quietly with his eyes open for a minute of two and finally falls asleep.