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I learned a new term “white noise”. White noise is the kind of noise vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and washing machines in spin cycle generate, and apparently babies love it. I read that it helps them go to sleep and stay asleep – and desperately searching for anything to get Eric to sleep in his cot, I gave it a try.

I don’t have a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer, so I downloaded an mp3 with recording of hairdryer noise and played it to Eric on mp3 player – and it worked! I managed to rock him until he fell asleep, and then just kept playing that recording and my baby slept for an hour in his cot! I figured that white noise must have blocked all the other noises that were waking him up.

Boy, that felt like winning the lottery until we found out that … Rob can’t sleep when the recording is playing. Now Eric was sleeping like a proper baby and my husband was tossing and turning until finally at 3 am he couldn’t take it any more and … left to sleep in the guest-room again!