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At first it seemed like mission impossible. The only place Eric would stop crying and sleep was on my chest. I lost count of how many nights I fell asleep sitting on the bed holding him in my arms, I was so tired. I was also terrified that I could drop him in my sleep, so I used to climb in the middle of the bed and surround myself with pillows, hoping that even if I let go of him he would land on something soft. It turned out that we could sleep like that for hours and I never let go.

Eric was screaming so many times during the night that Rob moved out of the bedroom. He had to get up early in the morning and nights of broken sleep didn’t help his concentration at work. He moved to the guestroom and I hated it – a baby came between my husband and me. It is really easy to forget that with babies everything is a phase, because it looks like a permanent thing. I wanted Rob to come back and decided that Eric has to move out – to his cot.

That was easier said than done, nothing worked and Eric slept in our bed, waking up every hour and crying. We bought a bassinet to protect him from being squashed by either one of us and soon it turned out that our bed is too small for 2 people and one baby bassinet, so Rob moved out again.