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 Sassy Me In The Mirror Babies love faces. One of the first things they see is their mom’s face, and probably the next one is dad’s. But how can they see their own face without a mirror? Ok, we have established that a baby needs a mirror.

The one my baby had was Sassy Me In The Mirror and boy, did he love it. It’s colors drew attention like magnet, there were fun toys attached to it, it was large and clear and he could see his whole face, neck and chest in it. They spent together a lot of time and it was amazing to see him discover that baby in the mirror “reacts” to his movements.

At first, when he was 2 months old, I used to put the mirror his crib and he was looking at his reflection. I would put mirror on different sides of the crib, left and right, to encourage him to look both ways and develop the neck muscles equally.

Sassy Me In The MirrorThen when he was 4 months old and started to crawl I would put the mirror just outside his reach and he would try and grab it, or crawl towards it. I think it helped him to learn how to roll. He was touching the toys on the edges and playing with the duck and the ring on a string.

When he was about 6 months old he loved when we played together and he could catch a glimpse of me in his mirror. This was one of his favorite toys as he grew older, and only by 18 months I thought he’d lost interest in it, so I put it away. Yesterday (he is 20 months old now) he found it again and you should have seen the joy on his face!

Here is what Eric and I think about Sassy Me In The Mirror.


1. This is a Baby-safe mirror that can’t be broken. Rest assured that your baby won’t heart himself and you won’t be getting 7 years of bad luck :)

2. The size is big enough for the baby to see a whole clear image of himself. Many other mirrors are too small for that.

3. There are toys attached to the frame of the mirror: a turtle with a ball that your baby can turn, a sun that can be rotated and makes a clicking sound, a duck that rattles, it’s attached to a string and has a Velcro to stick to the frame and a rubber ring on a string that can be chewed or pulled.

4. The toys don’t obstruct the mirror and the mirror is designed to be pointed downwards, which makes it good for tiniest babies still lying in the crib.

5. There are no batteries. Did I mention how I hate toys on batteries? Maybe just a 1000 times :)

Sassy Me In The Mirror6. There is a large plastic see-through pocket on the back of the mirror for mommy’s portrait (or anything else your baby likes looking at).

7. It has 2 sets of strings and can be tied to a crib, or in the car to the back of front seat. You put this mirror virtually anywhere. Maybe not in a pram, as it will be too big.

8. The patterns are bright and contrast enough to draw attention even of a newborn.

9. The mirror is soft and nice to touch and the toys around the edges have lots of textures.

10. This is a light toy, so even if a baby manages to undo the strings and the mirror falls into the crib it can’t hurt the baby.


1. Although it’s designed to stand on its own, like a tent, it falls over easily. If I wanted it to be just free-standing and for Eric to look at himself when he was crawling on the floor I used another toy to support it.

The verdict

This is a great and inexpensive entertainment, a quiet nice toy that occupied my boy for many hours – highly recommended.

What mirror is (or was) your baby’s favorite?