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Tiny Love double sided first bookIf you’re thinking about a book for your newborn, then you’re a much more experienced parent than I was when Eric came into this world.

But now, 20 months later, I have learned a thing or two about newborns, infants, babies and so on and nothing stops me form putting in my 2 cents worth. So here goes: if you were to buy your newborn a book, this one from Tiny Love is definitely a winner.

The good

1. Tiny Love book can be used in many places and forms and it has been serving me for months. For newborns you can tie it inside the cot or insert in your pram around baby’s head. This is when you will be using the black and white side, because that’s the colors newborns see best, before their vision develops.

Tiny Love double sided first book2. When your baby is older and sees colors better, turn the book around and place it in the cot or in the pram, colorful side facing the baby.

3. It is completely safe because the strings that you use to attach it to the cot are short enough not to present a strangulation danger even if your baby unties them and plays with them.

4. It is hygienic because it’s washable and doesn’t take long to dry, the colors stay vivid and don’t fade from washing.

5. It’s got mirrors, textures and sounds to keep your baby interested. At 4 or 5 months Eric had a lot of fun crawling towards it and touching the swishing bits. Later on, at 6 months, he started to enjoy the mirror and the applications of kids, animals and birds.

Tiny Love double sided first book6. Once your baby learns how to hold toys and has some coordination he’ll enjoy holding his Tiny Love book and playing with it, pulling it and turning it around. It helped me occupy my restless son on many car trips, which otherwise would be so much closer to a screaming nightmare.

7. And finally when your baby is old enough to learn about people and objects, this book is great for practicing in “Where is the frog?”, “Where is the girl?” and “Who says…?”.

The bad

Not a single feature I can think of.

The verdict

Eric (my son) and I had a lot of fun playing with Tiny Love double sided book for the first 12 months of his life and we highly recommend it to all our friends.