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Tiny Love double Ozzie OrangeMy sweet, sweet friends sent me these toys when my baby was born and I will remain forever grateful. My kid enjoyed them so much and for such a long time that I just had to tell the world about it, couldn’t keep it to myself.

Meet my son’s three little friends:

Andy Apple, Ozzie Orange and Anna Banana.

They are nice and soft, very cute and each has a surprise inside. These are large toys and each of them replaces 2 or 3 other toys because of the different activities that are combined in it.

Andy Apple is the red one. He’s got chewable hands, booties with mirrors and when you pull his stretchy arms or legs, they wiggle back. The green leave on top of his head makes rustling noise. Tiny Love Fruity Pals Andy AppleAnd here is the surprise: Andy has two halves and when you open them, inside there is a cute little warm that your baby can pull, it will vibrate and wiggle as it hides back inside.

Ozzie Orange is the bright orange one. Just like Andy, he’s got chewable hands and little mirrors in his booties, but inside there is another surprise – take the 4 orange slices apart and find a baby-orange that your little one can pull and laugh as it vibrates and wiggles back. The slices have magnets inside to hold them together. You should have seen the smile on my kid’s face when he found the baby orange for the first time!

Anna Banana is yellow, bright and colorful, crinkly skin, soft plush body, stretchy hands and legs, mirrors in booties, it bounces and squeaks when you hang it down from the plastic ring.Tiny Love Fruity Pals Anna Banana

And here is why we loved the Fruity Pals so much:


1. They are big enough to last longer, not something your baby will grow out of after 3 months. These are large toys.

2. They entertain the little people in many ways – chewable parts, mirrors, rusting noises, nice soft plush, pullable little toys hidden inside.

3. These little guys don’t need any batteries and provide lots of fun for the baby without any extra work for mum and dad. Having dealt with a lot of toys on batteries, I really appreciate the ones that don’t need any.

4. They are durable. After a year of consistent use, mine didn’t tear, break or fall apart in whatever way.

5. The ring is large and is very convenient to hang the toy just about anywhere. I had it hanging in the baby gym, my son’s stroller, the handle above his car seat and from above my car’s window, no problem.

6. The toys are washable (the instructions say “not machine washable”, although a friend of mind says she washed hers in the washing machine and they came out just fine).

7. These toys are quiet. They are perfect for the moments when you just can’t take any more noise.

8. Andy, Ozzie and Anna will last you for about 10 months. At 3 months of age my son was looking at them and reaching out to grab the hands and feet. At 5 months he was pulling their hands and feet, separating the halves or the slices and looking for the little worm and orange inside. By 6 months of age he could pull the little toy inside with his gums, and later on with his hands. He never seemed to get bored with those 3 little guys.


The only thing I could complain about was the tough Velcro on Anna Banana. It scratched Eric’s legs and neck and I when I saw where those scratches came from, I simply removed the Velcro.

The verdict

I sure hope your family will love these three Fruity Pals as much as we do. Good value for money, great durable product. Nicely done, Tiny Love.