Have you ever felt like “This is too good to be true”? Normally if things seem that way, they turn out to be that way, too. So now that I’ve found a child care center that sounds like “too good to be true”, does it mean that I’m incredibly lucky or does it mean that I’m clueless and just don’t see things as they really are?

I am so against kids being glued to a TV set. Yes, that’s a quiet time for mom and God knows I could use some of it, but that doesn’t make it all right for the kid to be watching cartoons or whatever for hours. I didn’t really believe that watching silly kiddy TV shows can do anything for their development, until I saw the Baby Einstein collection.

Our dog is the sweetest, most harmless creature anyone could imagine. We often joke that if a burglar was to break in, she would lick him to death. She never fought with another dog (or even a cat) in her life and I trusted her completely around my little Eric. But one day she growled at him and if wasn’t there to take him away the next second she would have snapped at him.

Eric turned 12 months and it was time for me to think about switching him from formula to cow’s milk. A little history: he was exclusively breastfed until the age of 8 months, and then I

Childproofing is not a simple task. It requires thinking and planning, some imagination, some research and inevitably costs us time, the most valuable resource of busy working parents.

I wrote a guest article for Almost Frugal with tips about childproofing and only after it went live I realized that I could have done better. One picture is worth a thousand words and showing the locks and where to use them is just as important as explaining about it.

Question: How will you play with my baby during the day?
Reason: To see what activities she has on her list. Will she read to my baby, sing songs, play outside – or will she glue him to the TV or stick in the pram and go to shops.

Assuming that most of the nanny database sites are alike, you should do 2 things to make your search more efficient: send messages to nannies you’re interested in and post your own ad so that nannies could look you up. So I have sent messages to about 20 nannies and was expecting to hear from about 5, so the website statistics said. It took me about 3 days to start getting the responses – yes, I tend to forget that not all people check their email every day.

truly believe those were my only options. I was falling behind with my work, the dishes piling up in the sink, the dog was neglected, the garden was abandoned, my friends thought I left the country …you get the idea. Eric is a great kid, and he needs a lot of attention so I wasn’t making progress on anything else. The situation was getting ridiculous: when I was with Eric, I couldn’t stop thinking about the work, and when I was trying to do the work I was feeling guilty about not doing enough for Eric.

there is a way to predict baby’s future height based on a simple calculation. For boys, take the biological mom’s height, add 5 inches (cm) and remember that number. The boy’s height will be between that number and his biological dad’s height. For girls, subtract 5 inches from her dad’s height – she will be between that and her mom’s height.

Eric was approaching 11 months mark and I was still breastfeeding. To tell you the truth I never liked it and only did it because it was good for the baby. So once the level of “mom hormones” in my blood started to decline, breastfeeding became even less enjoyable.

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