When I was expecting, I didn’t tell people until I was 6 months pregnant. Why? Don’t even get me started.

Speaking to my friends who don’t have kids yet, I often imagine this picture – there is a one-way door leading to a passage, childless couples are standing before it and those who have babies and kids are on the other side.

There is no chance what so ever for people “before baby” to understand what the heck those freaky parents are talking about before they walk through that door. But then they can’t get back to the way they were thinking before – it’s a one-way door.

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Life is sure a strange experience, isn’t it? At first I didn’t have a child and when my son was born, it took me some time to get used to the fact that his little person is going to be attached to me for quite some time now. It took me a complete change of mindset to become a Mom, a person responsible for a child every second of every minute of every day.

Ever since my son was born, every trip we went on I’ve noticed a slight feeling of disappointment. I wasn’t enjoying myself. Can you blame me? Running around chasing a little toddler, changing clothes, changing nappies, feeding, warming his milk, walking around the same tree for the twenty second time, it’s time for his nap but new things are far more exciting and he’s fighting me again as try to put him to bed, all that makes a trip to the most beautiful spot on Earth look like, well, too much work.

Have you ever had a meltdown?

Have you ever felt like your life is over? Have you felt that there is no room for your wishes – only for the baby’s needs? That you are no longer you – someone else took over your body, changed your life and you don’t like it one bit? Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Oh my God, I used to be pretty, what’s happened to me?”

First of all the teeth appear in pairs. Pair numbered 1-1 comes first, then the pair numbered 2-2 and so on. There is also a time frame for teeth appearance: first four pairs erupt in the first year, pairs numbered 5 and 6 – from 12 to 18 months, pairs 7 and 8 – from 18 to 24 months and pairs 9, 10 after the baby is 2 years old.

Why? For so many reasons:

  • I stress out when my baby is crying and I can’t comfort him.
  • I get frustrated and loose patience when he spits out the food I cook
  • I compare him to the other kids his age I know and get jealous of the things they do better
  • A year and a half since I got pregnant and I feel like Phoenix reborn from ashes. I don’t shed hair any more, my gums are not bleeding when I take a big bite of apple, my stomach looks almost like it used to before I got pregnant, all the aching muscles I pulled carrying extra 18 kilos are healed and in fact, I am in as good shape as I was before the pregnancy.

    Help your baby sleep

    I had no idea that babies can’t fall asleep on their own. It never crossed my mind that a tired baby might need help to relax, close his eyes and nod off.

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