Think newborns, what is the first image you see? A crib with a mobile. I never thought it matters what kind of mobile I get for the baby. If it was left up to me, I don’t know what I would get.

How do I make sure my baby has a nice round head?

Change baby’s orientation in the crib every day.
One day, place your baby with her head at the head of the crib. The next day place your baby with her head at the foot of the crib.

My baby has a flat head and every time I look at him, I blame myself. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let this happen?

Now, with his hair covering the flat spot on the back of his head it is hardly noticeable, but I know that it is there. Luckily, it’s getting better over time and this little asymmetry is not life threatening, but the fact remains the same – it was an issue I overlooked and it could have been much worse.

Hey, you’re new! I love new people, welcome. You may want to subscribe to Baby-Log via RSS feed or via email. Thanks for visiting!It is funny how many old wives’ tales there are about babies and we get used to them to the extent that we never even think they might be wrong. I have […]

When I was a new mom, my first worry was about whether or not the baby is getting enough milk. I was looking for some guidelines and found them. Some came from books, some from lactation consultants, some from other moms – but all of them worked for us and you too may find them useful.

Anyone who is expecting or raising a baby knows – we get a lot of advice, whether we need it or not. All well-intentioned, because they are “trying” to help, but for some reason we just don’t feel grateful. In fact, we often feel like blowing up and letting them have it.

Once Eric was 2 months old, my mother came to meet her first grandson, she stayed with us for a month. I consciously postponed her visit because I wanted to use the first two months to bond with Eric, get used to this whole new situation, start to understand my baby’s needs. It is my understanding that if you start to rely on advice of “more experienced people” from the very beginning, then you do not develop your own ability to observe, understand what’s going on and make your own decisions – so I tried to avoid that as much as I could.

know for a fact that many young and not so young couples rely on family (grandparents mainly) for babysitting and help with the kids. I also know how that a couple can do just fine on their own without any extra help – Rob and I did. My friends were talking about not being able to move to another city because they were terrified of loosing the support that Nan and Pop are providing and I thought – you can’t allow that kind of fears rule your life. So this post is all about how a couple can have a baby and survive – on their own, in a strange city, where they barely know 5 people.

Did you notice how quickly they outgrow practically everything? I had a couple of months when I was shopping for baby clothes every other week – and I hate shopping.

So here is some tips I came up with to reduce the shopping and the hassle to the minimum:

I knew that it’s a great idea to do exercises with my baby. It is pretty obvious that a small baby that can’t move needs someone else to exercise him – but what exactly should I do, for how long, how often etc, I had no idea.

So I started to look for instructions online and found this great program by Carrie Myers-Smith. It’s a complete course on how to exercise your baby and yourself while you’re at it. It starts with easy to follow instructions for a baby massage and continues to the complete baby (and mom!) workout.

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