It took me 6 months to get back in shape, six long months. During the 8 weeks after having the baby I tried my best to stay away form mirrors. A guy I know told me “Wow, you put a lot of weight on! If I met you on a street I wouldn’t have recognized you”– and I just wanted to disappear. Honestly, I didn’t believe that those 6 kilos of baby fat will ever leave me and buying clothes 2 sizes up was humiliating. I gained 18 kilos during pregnancy and was hoping that most of those belonged to the baby, but if we really think about it – 9 kilos were all the baby supplies, 3 to 4 kilos were Eric’s and all the rest were mine.

My baby’s first log book

Make no mistake: breastfeeding is natural but not easy. Even though at the hospital nurses and lactation consultants tried their best to train me (it was actually more like breastfeeding boot camp), the baby needs to figure out his own way. This is why the first 2 weeks were really stressful for me.

First nights after birth

I spent the first night walking through the corridors of the hospital, rocking Eric in my arms and trying to comfort him.

I hate being late. In my old life I used to be rather 15 minutes early than 5 minutes late. That’s the thing that was driving me crazy for the first 5 months of Eric’s life -nothing can be planned any more.

Baby Sling

Baby slings are great. I got mine from my brother’s girlfriend, she gave me a baby-sling as a present when Eric was born. At first when I tried to fit him there he resisted and I almost gave up on it, but later I tried another couple of times and he got used to it. Rob skeptically looked at my clumsy attempts to sit the baby comfortably in the sling and told me “Why don’t you go practice on a brick or something”.

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