If you were to ask me last week: “How can I find a hairdresser that will cut my child’s hair without him making a scene”, I would have said “Don’t hold your breath, they don’t exist”.

But that was before I learned that some hairdressers can handle the most impatient toddler like nobody’s business.

Toddler girls hairstyles collection

My lack of imagination makes me work harder. My son needs a haircut and I didn’t have any ideas of my own, so I was going through photos on Flickr, looking for inspiration. Originally I was looking for boys’ cuts, but there were so many great ideas for girl’s hair, especially the simple ones that only require a hair clip, hair bow or a head band that I just couldn’t resist.

Haircuts for toddlers and little girls have 3 aspects to them – they need to be safe, easy to manage and cute.

Let’s start with safe – safe basically means that the hair is not too long, so that it won’t get stuck on swings and slides of all sorts. The consensus seems to be anything between slightly past the ears and a shoulder-length.

All right, I admit it – I have made a simple task of choosing a haircut for my baby a PROJECT. Can you blame me? There are obviously many hair styles I have no idea about and what’s wrong with wanting the best for your baby? Having no experience or expertise in that area, I asked my hairdresser friend to explain all she knows about hair cuts for babies and toddlers. Here is what I learned:

When should a baby get his first haircut?

Like all the other parents I was wondering when it is time to give my baby his first haircut. As usual, I was getting conflicting advice from different people, but you know me – I never do as I’m told unless I know the reasons and I started to “investigate” all the reasons why people delay the first haircut.

Secret # 1: Staying close to mommy. Sit on the chair and hold the baby in your lap to give him the feeling of security.

Secret # 2: Get hygiene issues out of the way. Ask to have the scissors and comb disinfected.