Once I got Eric to eat solid food and found out what he likes, I started to cook for him myself. Did I mention that I was a disaster in the kitchen? But I had no choice and to overcome my kitchen-incompetence I bought a book

How much should baby eat?

Eric is a chubby baby and seeing him like that I started to get worried. I asked our dietitian about it and she told me that a baby won’t eat if he is not hungry, unlike adults who would eat because they like the taste of the food. It means that baby can not eat too much, and that is important to know because many babies at 6 – 12 months are

How much should baby drink?

Having introduced solids to Eric I started to wonder – how much should he eat, drink, what’s the right amount of calories for a baby his age (he was 8 months at the time). I was mostly worried about dehydration because I suspected that cutting the number of breastfeeds will cause him to not get enough fluids.

Here’s a method to get a baby to eat solids

Unlike most of the babies, Eric refused to eat solids at 6 months. I tried everything, but he would spit out any food I gave him. I was really worried because I read that between 6 and 8 months a window of opportunity opens and it is the time to introduce solid food – I didn’t want to miss that window.

Our child health nurse told me that Eric doesn’t eat solids because he’s just not hungry. “Are you feeding him at night?” she asked. The minute I said “yes…” she maid up her mind – that’s the root of the problem, this is why he doesn’t want solid food. “Stop doing that and he will want his breakfast”. She did warn me he was going to be hysterical the first three nights.

My baby doesn’t like solid food

I took Eric to the “fussy eater” clinic today. Never in a million years I could imagine this scenario – my baby hates sold food. It has been a month and a half since I started introducing solids and there was no progress. I understand that some babies need more time than the others, but I was worried about two things – his iron level and that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I have said more than once that nothing comes easy to me. For a month now (starting at 6 months) we have been trying to get Eric on solids and what can I say – it wasn’t a

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