How do I make sure my baby has a nice round head?

Change baby’s orientation in the crib every day.
One day, place your baby with her head at the head of the crib. The next day place your baby with her head at the foot of the crib.

My baby has a flat head and every time I look at him, I blame myself. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let this happen?

Now, with his hair covering the flat spot on the back of his head it is hardly noticeable, but I know that it is there. Luckily, it’s getting better over time and this little asymmetry is not life threatening, but the fact remains the same – it was an issue I overlooked and it could have been much worse.

My guest post over at

It was really a highlight of my weeks – one of my favorite blogs has published my post “Have a Little One? You Don’t Have To Give Up Weekends Away”.

The second year of your kid’s life is a great time to start new traditions. Well, some will say that “Tradition” is too big a word for this “thing that we do” as a family, but I just like the way is sounds. There is this “family values that stick for life” feeling to it. I can guarantee that any tradition you start when your baby is 12 months old (provided you will keep doing it for at least 6 months), your kid will like and remember.

Happy New Year 2009!

I am sure you’ve got plans for the New Years Eve. You are going to a party, celebrating with your friends or family, raising a toast to a successful New Year, all the fun stuff. Same here, I am going away and will be welcoming the New Year in a cottage with lake views and everything. But thanks to the wonders of technology I can kind of be in two places at once – celebrating with my family and wishing you a Happy New Year in this post, so that just in case you had some time to check your favorite blogs – here I am!

Some posts this week that got me thinking in all kinds of directions. SimpleMom asked a question I haven’t considered yet: what should I tell my kid about Santa? How should I introduce him, have Rob dress up like Santa and bring Eric his presents? Should I say that Santa exists but people can’t see him? The basic dilemma here is obviously that it is good for kids to believe in Santa and his presents, it’s exciting and fun, but then when they learn that Santa isn’t real, it’s a disappointment.

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If you are a parent or will become one (really) soon, chances are that you’ve been offered parenting advice even before your children were born. Sometimes it is useful, and sometimes it is useless, silly and annoying. But every time someone makes you feel bad about choosing not to follow their advice, here’s why you really shouldn’t:

Childproofing – a guest post at Almost Frugal

I have a guest post on Almost Frugal, check it out here. It is about childproofing the house without spending a fortune on it. Make sure you read the comments, because people have shares some really good advice.

Do you make these mistakes with your baby?

When your kid screams at you, what to you do? Do you automatically scream back “Stop shouting!’? I caught myself doing that and it wasn’t helping, Eric would keep on screaming louder and louder.

When your kid slaps your face, what do you do? It’s really tempting to slap right back, isn’t it? Just to show him what it feels like, so he learns that doesn’t feel nice. Ok, let’s get this straight – it’s wrong and won’t teach him anything except that hitting is acceptable.

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