Secret # 1: Staying close to mommy. Sit on the chair and hold the baby in your lap to give him the feeling of security.

Secret # 2: Get hygiene issues out of the way. Ask to have the scissors and comb disinfected.

Ever since Eric turned 8 months he refused to take bottles – so I started to teach him to drink out of a cup. We have tried them all – training cups with a spout that folds to prevent spillages, training cups with a valve that controls the flow, training cups with a straw that makes it easier for baby to sip – nothing worked. He would fold the spout instead of drinking from the cup, he would chew on the spout because the valve was making him suck harder and he didn’t like that, and the cup with a straw was spilling all over so I had to return it.

Eric was approaching 11 months mark and I was still breastfeeding. To tell you the truth I never liked it and only did it because it was good for the baby. So once the level of “mom hormones” in my blood started to decline, breastfeeding became even less enjoyable.

6 reasons to accept used baby clothes

Many moms, especially new moms, won’t accept used baby clothes even from friends. For some reason they consider offering hand-me-downs an offense – when in fact there are many reasons to say “yes, please” and be happy.

1) The most obvious reason – it saves money that can be spent on something else your baby needs.

Here’s how Mom and Dad can help each other

Our kids are a colossal challenge, aren’t they? Every minute of every day they can come up with a new trick and we’ve got to quickly learn how to handle it, otherwise we’re in trouble. And it is a known fact that what works for one family doesn’t work for another, and all kids are different. And when we finally find that something that WORKS, it will always work up to some point – and then stop.

If there is one thing I can tell you about moving home with a 10 months old baby, it is don’t expect it to be smooth and easy. If there is one advice I can give you – prearrange and outsource. Think about this day in all the tiny details and prepare everything you can beforehand.

Baby’s first steps

It is amazing how babies learn this mew skill – walking. Eric started to stand up in his cot at about 8 months. He was holding on to the bars and slowly pulling his body up into standing position. A great tip I was given by Rob’s cousin – put some shoes on your baby as soon as they are able to stand up. Babies need get used to these new strange thingies on their feet, so that when they start walking the shoes won’t get in a way. Many babies that aren’t used to the shoes are tripping over a lot, which frightens and discourages them from trying to walk more. To be honest it took me some time too to get accustomed to putting shoes on Eric’s tiny feet – at first it seems like they don’t belong there.

One (important!) reason why your baby is cranky

We had hunger and thirst crossed out, he wasn’t cold or hot, he wasn’t in pain, and we were running out of ideas and patience – try putting up with hours of crying when nothing helps. Finally we found out what was causing Eric those mood swings – constipation.

My baby is nearly 9 month old and it looks like we finally have a routine I can trust. He has 2 naps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and has 3 solid meals a day. That is, if you ask me, almost too good to be true! And the best thing is that Eric has worked out this routine for himself.

How to entertain a baby all day long

Entertaining a baby is a juggling act and I am sure every baby is different – but here is what works for me. My trick is to not let him get bored, keep him moving from one activity to another. After he had enough of playing in his porta-cot, I let him crawl on the floor for about half an hour, then we try to master the skill of walking, play with the fridge magnets a little, then we go for a stroll in a the pram, to the shops – he likes to watch the people.

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