What should I put in my baby beach bag?

1. Obviously the changing kit – a swim diaper, a regular diaper for after the swim, a towel and a change of clothes. It’s even easier if you put a swim diaper on your baby at home – you won’t have to be fiddling with it on the sand. I use hooded towels for the beach, they are very convenient.

Any parent who loves the beach and lives close to one is probably wondering when they can finally take their baby for a swim in the sea. We live 10 minutes away from the ocean and I was thinking about that a lot. Here are the main questions that were bothering me followed by the answers.

Even before my baby was born I decided he will start swimming from 3 month of age. Well, it took a bit more than 3 months because we wanted to do the 4th month immunization first, but eventually we took Eric to the Aquatic centre. At first I was only going to let him swim with the Little swimmers (or Water babies, some course of that sort) but then Rob and I discussed it and decided that we want to let him try once on his own – to see if he even likes the water.