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A year and a half since I got pregnant and I feel like Phoenix reborn from ashes. I don’t shed hair any more, my gums are not bleeding when I take a big bite of apple, my stomach looks almost like it used to before I got pregnant, all the aching muscles I pulled carrying extra 18 kilos are healed and in fact, I am in as good shape as I was before the pregnancy. Some things even got better – I can swim 700 meters in 25 minutes and I can carry a 12 kilo baby uphill like nobody’s business. I guess nothing can be done about the sore back muscles until Eric will start walking – but I can certainly live with that!

Through the whole pregnancy I hardly lost any hair. About 3 months after the baby was born I started shedding hair and it got really scary. I couldn’t look at the comb – it had a huge cloud of hair on every morning. I mentioned it in the mum’s group and they all had it, some better, some worse. A friend of mine told me that hair loss could be caused by lack of iodine in my diet; she didn’t loose any hair with all 3 of her babies because she used iodized salt. I started using more iodized salt and the hair loss stopped – who knows, may be it was time for it to end or the salt worked.

So yes, it takes time – but things get better, they really do.