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Yes, baby conspiracy is the right name for this phenomenon. I believe that all the people in the world can be divided into two groups – those who have kids and those who don’t. Child-free people have no idea about, say, how to change a diaper and those who have babies – do, but never going to tell them.

I was shocked when I learned that epidural doesn’t help with the pain when a baby is going through the birth canal – nobody warned me about that. And the list goes on – everyone mention morning sickness as the worst side-effect of pregnancy, well how about constipation, swollen feet, heartburn, and total inability to walk by mirrors?

When they told us in prenatal classes that basically we have to choose between pain-free birth and introducing drugs into our babies’ systems, I wanted to lie down and die. When I read in the book that tearing is almost unavoidable, it gave me the shivers that I remember until this very day.

One thing is very clear to me – if it wasn’t for the baby conspiracy, there would be more child-free couples, that’s for sure.