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Have you ever felt like your life is over? Have you felt that there is no room for your wishes – only for the baby’s needs? That you are no longer you – someone else took over your body, changed your life and you don’t like it one bit? Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Oh my God, I used to be pretty, what’s happened to me?”

Have you ever thought “Will I ever be free to follow my dreams, to have fun, sing and dance, and feel young and beautiful again?” Have you told yourself “Babies are no fun, what was I thinking having a baby?!My life is a total mess now :(”

You have… and so have I.

But you know what? It’s just one of those days and if you keep it together and sleep it off, you’ll feel much better in the morning.

Here’s what helps me to get through the day:

  • Some fresh air, a walk or if that’s not possible – just stepping outside and looking at the sky, the trees and the birds.
  • Splashing cold water on my face
  • Taking a shower
  • Having a glass of sweetened tea, chamomile is best but if you don’t have any – any tea will do
  • Talking to a friend on a phone about this bad day I’m having – funny, the minute I start to complain about everything that’s going wrong, suddenly it doesn’t feel as bad any more.
  • Doing something nice for somebody – like getting a little present for a friend.
  • Just remember – your life is much better than it seems right now :)