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Many things that are perceived as the most natural for women in reality are just not so. Let’s take the pregnancy, for example. According to some people, women were designed to have babies, so why is pregnancy so dangerous for woman’s health and giving birth to a child can even kill her? How come 25% percent of women get post-natal depression and feel miserable when they are supposed to be happy? How can a depressed woman take care of a little baby? Why breastfeeding has to be taught (in the hospitals, right after the baby is born), when it’s supposed to be one of the basic skills women instinctively master at once?

There is also a myth that a woman feels this instant love to her baby, right after the birth. It is probably true for some women – but definitely not all of them. Some women don’t feel this love for a long time. I remember that at first, all I felt for Eric was compassion – he was taken away from a cozy familiar place, and felt insecure and helpless. It took me about a month to get used to the idea that I have a baby now. Some changes are too big for a person’s brain to realize – but in time you get used to them.