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I hate being late. In my old life I used to be rather 15 minutes early than 5 minutes late. That’s the thing that was driving me crazy for the first 5 months of Eric’s life -nothing can be planned any more. I was late for appointments with the child health nurse, my doctor, every lunch or barbeque I was invited to, everywhere. Just as we were our way out, he suddenly needed to be changed or fed or entertained.

Any trip would take us 3 times longer than usual – he was crying in the car hysterically and we had to stop – on the shoulders of freeway, in “no standing” zone, it didn’t matter. Millions of years of genetic programming forced me to drop everything and make it all better for my baby.

I am not a control freak – but I like to have a clear picture what my day’s going to be like. The only thing that helps is – stop expecting any order in your day. Just go with the flow, and do what you can as you go. What to do, babies don’t live on schedule, at least during the first months of their life. Now, at 7 months of age, we have some kind of routine and I can roughly say when he will be eating, sleeping or playing – what a relief!