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Baby slings are great. I got mine from my brother’s girlfriend, she gave me a baby-sling as a present when Eric was born. At first when I tried to fit him there he resisted and I almost gave up on it, but later I tried another couple of times and he got used to it. Rob skeptically looked at my clumsy attempts to sit the baby comfortably in the sling and told me “Why don’t you go practice on a brick or something”.

Two weeks later it was Eric’s favorite place, the only way he could fall asleep or to be taken for a walk was in that sling – the pram was his idea of hell. Rob and I were joking that he takes after his father the rock-climber, doing everything vertically.

The sling was bright orange, wearing it I attracted attention everywhere I went – but I didn’t care, as long as my baby was quiet and happy inside. Many people asked me where I got it from and how it works, probably because prams and standard baby carriers are commonly used and slings are relatively rare. My mother was worried that it might be unhealthy for the baby to spend so much time in one position; a couple of women asked me how my baby can breathe with his face stuck in my chest, but Eric and I couldn’t care less.

That sling became my life-saver. It helped me to calm Eric down after the immunizations when he was in pain, with fever and couldn’t sleep – I walked with him till 3am, the jiggling motion helped him sleep. It worked every time when I couldn’t settle him in any other way – I would just pop him in the sling and run outside.

But one day… it just stopped working. He doesn’t want to be in it, tries to escape pushing me with both hands (boy, he’s a strong baby!) and now I am afraid I’ll never find something that will replace the sling. Good bye, old friend, you made my life easier so many times – thanks a million!