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I spent the first night walking through the corridors of the hospital, rocking Eric in my arms and trying to comfort him. He was an angel during the day, relaxed and sleepy, but after 9 PM, just as Rob kissed us good bye and went home to have some sleep, my baby became the devil. He cried and cried and I felt so helpless! I was sharing my hospital room with 3 more women and their babies and I was so ashamed that I couldn’t settle my baby that I would leave and walk to the nurses’ station and back, trying to calm him down.

Time went by slowly and somehow I survived that night. In the morning Rob took over and I got to sleep a little, but at night it happened all over again. I guess I looked like a zombie and finally, about 4 am the nurses took pity on me. They rolled Eric away to the nursery, settled him at once and I slept about 3 hours. I never knew what a torture sleep deprivation was!