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Did you notice how quickly they outgrow practically everything? I had a couple of months when I was shopping for baby clothes every other week – and I hate shopping.

So here is some tips I came up with to reduce the shopping and the hassle to the minimum:

  • Never buy clothes for the exact size and weight of your baby – always buy a couple of sizes larger
  • Buy longer paints and roll them up.
  • Buy adjustable overalls
  • Buy singlets several sizes larger
  • All the t-shirts, singlets and the like need to have a wide collar because babies hate when their head gets stuck in it.
  • Bodysuits are better than singlets because they don’t need to be constantly tucked in the paints.
  • Anything that has a zipper is better than buttons because it will let you dress your baby faster.
  • Hoodies are great, especially when you forget to bring a hat
  • When babies start to crawl – they need paints with extra padding, especially for their knees.
  • When buying shoes – touch tape is better than shoestrings
  • If you have any tips of your own – please leave a comment, let me know.