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Newborn babyIt is funny how many old wives’ tales there are about babies and we get used to them to the extent that we never even think they might be wrong.

I have gathered here facts that surprised me when I first heard about them – have a look, you might learn something new.

  • Until babies are six months old, they can breathe and swallow at the same time.
  • The size of baby’s eyes stays the same size from birth, but nose and ears never stop growing.
  • Newborn babies don’t have tears. The proper tears don’t start to appear until the baby is between 3 and 12 weeks old.
  • The heart of a newborn baby beats between 130 and 160 times a minute, about twice the heart rate of a normal adult.
  • Babies are not color blind, they can see colors from 2 weeks of age. Babies prefer strong primary colors – particularly red and blue and bigger patterns because they are easier to focus on.
  • Newborn babies can’t hear well. The middle ear of a newborn is full of fluid and the entire hearing apparatus is immature. That’s why loud (for us) sounds are normal for newborns.
  • Famous misconceptions about babies:

    Many people think that all the babies are born with blue eyes when in fact it is not true.

    There are many babies that are born with black or brown eyes. Other babies are born with blue eyes because at the time of birth they haven’t begun to produce melanin in their irises. When the melanin production begins, their eyes can change the color.

    There is a famous misconception about babies being born without kneecaps.

    This isn’t true, babies do have kneecaps, but instead of bone babies’ kneecaps are made of a cartilaginous material. The bone builds up later on in life.

    What were you surprised to find out about babies? Please share, leave a comment on this post.