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Toddler getting a haircutAll right, I admit it – I have made a simple task of choosing a haircut for my baby a PROJECT. Can you blame me? There are obviously many hair styles I have no idea about and what’s wrong with wanting the best for your baby?

Having no experience or expertise in that area, I asked my hairdresser friend to explain all she knows about hair cuts for babies and toddlers. Here is what I learned:

There are many hair styles for boys and the decision what type of haircut to choose should depend on the kind of his hair – is it thick or fine, curly or straight. Obviously an ideal haircut for a boy is the one that is easy to maintain.

The 6 basic haircut styles for boys are:

Crew cut – hair is cut very low on top of the head (1/4 inch) and the sides (over the ears) are shaved. Also known as a “buzz cut”. Here is what it looks like:
Crew or buzz haircut style for boys

Bowl cut – as the name suggests, in the old times they used to put a bowl on child’s head to get the perfect bowl cut.
Bowl haircut style for boys

Classic cut – the hair is cut short except above forehead it’s a bit longer. Something like this:
Classic haircut style for boys

Short spikes – the hair on top of the head is a bit longer and using some water can be styled into spikes. Have a look:
Short spikes haircut style for boys

Long spikes – any short spikes in time become long spikes. Will require some gel to style into spikes. This one is probably suitable for older boys, although this lil’ one looks soooo cute:
Long spikes haircut style for boys

Casual – a bit difficult to describe, here’s what it looks like:
Casual haircut style for boys

Personally, I love the bowl haircut, this is what I have chosen for my boy.

How about you, what hair style makes your boy the cutest?