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First haircut toddler girl cryingHaircuts for toddlers and little girls have 3 aspects to them – they need to be safe, easy to manage and cute.

Let’s start with safe – safe basically means that the hair is not too long, so that it won’t get stuck on swings and slides of all sorts. The consensus seems to be anything between slightly past the ears and a shoulder-length.

Easy to manage – it is all about how much time the mom wants to spend washing, combing, braiding, and otherwise handling her daughter’s hair. There are cute haircuts (bob for example) that don’t require much effort from mom to look good and there are more labor-intensive hairdos such as French braids.

Did I say it was all up to mom and her patience? Correction – there is a good chance that your toddler won’t sit still through a long hair styling process, so that’s another reason to keep it short and sweet.

As to cuteness – almost anything looks good on little girls and up to a certain age they don’t give it much thought.

And now to the possible styles: if you are looking for a haircut for your baby girl, here are a few ideas:

Bobs are very popular with little girls, here is what a bob looks like:
Little girl with a bob haircut
The length can vary, it can be just past the ears or way down to shoulder, straight or angled. This haircut is easy to take care of (just brush the hair) and still leaves the possibility of wearing the hair up (for formal occasions) or in pigtails.

Braids are a great solution too; they take a bit of time but also last longer and give the girls that neat look. The important thing here is not to make them too tight and change parting to shift the strain from side to side.

Here is what a French braid looks like:
Toddler girl french braid hair

And this is another idea for braided hair:
Little girl with braided hair

Pigtails or pony tails are all-times favorite and they are the ultimate hairdo for active girls.
Little girl with pigtails

They are easy to make and long-lasting, not to mention how adorable they look on the little ones. How cute are these!

Little girl with hair tied in pigtails

I can’t really cast an opinion on a best haircut for a girl, because I don’t have any daughters. What have you chosen for your little princess?