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A blond girl with a tiny hairclip
My lack of imagination makes me work harder. My son needs a haircut and I didn’t have any ideas of my own, so I was going through photos on Flickr, looking for inspiration. Originally I was looking for boys’ cuts, but there were so many great ideas for girl’s hair, especially the simple ones that only require a hair clip, hair bow or a head band that I just couldn’t resist.

I’ve also noticed how many people were interested in my two posts about girls hair styles and boys haircuts and how little online resources were available. This is why I thought a little collection of ideas for toddler girls’ hairstyles would be useful and put together some cute photos.

Simple hair clips

Apparently there is a lot you can do using a single hair clip. Even if your baby-girl doesn’t really have a long enough hair, it still looks adorable.
Itty bitty clippie for a baby girl

For a girl with a shoulder-long hair two hair clips will do a good job of keeping the hair off the face. Two simplest clips possible look awesome on this little lady:
Blond girl with shoulder long hair and two hair clips

Using 3 hair clips you can make hair look like a braid and it probably takes less time than braiding (which is major plus with toddlers), here is how:
Girl with 3 hair bows

Fancy hair clips

There are hundreds of various hair clips, but flowers are my favorite kind. They do two things at once – hold the hair away from the face and look stunning. This flower clip makes a girl looks very neat and “girly”:
Girl with a flower hair clip

And of course you can always match the color of a hair clip to the clothes to complete an outfit:
Girl with a pink flower hair clip

Hair Bows

I like the corker hair bows, they look impossibly cute and will go with any hair style. This little girl doesn’t have much hair and the still the corker looks very cute on her:
Girl with a pink corker hair bow

And this little blondie with pigtails wearing multi-colored corker hair bows makes it difficult to look away:
Blond girl with pigtails and corker hair bows

Head Bands

Head bands look very cool and trendy and are easy and quick to put on. The downside is that they probably come off just as quickly :) Anyway, here is a couple of ideas.

Head band looks like a good idea for a sunny day:
Blond girl with sun glasses and head band

They also suit girls with longer hair, doesn’t matter whether it is curly or straight, thick or fine:
Girl with dark curly hair and head band

A little creativity – this little one wears a combination of a head band and a hair bow, looking beautiful:
Girl with a head band and a hair bow

Hair Bands

There is a lot you can do with the simplest hair bands. Have a look at this little sweetheart wearing pigtails:
Girl with two cute pigtails

And this is a french braid; all it takes to hold it together is one hair band:
Girl with a french braid

And this is a ponytail with a fancy hair ribbon, isn’t she adorable :)
Girl with a pony tail and fancy head ribbon

Do you have more photos you’d like me to ad to this collection? More hair style ideas? Leave a comment, I’d love to know what you think.