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Baby girl with long blond hairLike all the other parents I was wondering when it is time to give my baby his first haircut. As usual, I was getting conflicting advice from different people, but you know me – I never do as I’m told unless I have the reasons and I started to “investigate” all the reasons why people delay the first haircut.

There is a bunch of old wives tales, myths and superstitious beliefs about giving the baby his first haircut before he’s 12 months old. Some people say it brings bad luck (can’t explain why thought), some say it will cause balding (pretty silly because genetics is the only thing that counts in that respect).

Another myth is that if you shave a baby’s hair before 12 months of age, it will grow thicker. The hair will grow thicker anyway because it’s a constant process throughout the childhood and shaving is not the reason here. Apparently I am not the only one believing so, read more here.

It looks like there are much more reasons to give your baby a haircut as soon as they need one than to delay it:

1. Long hair can affect eyesight – babies and toddlers are learning to focus on objects around them and if the hair is covering their eyes, then the eyesight and consequently the development gets affected.

2. Static electricity – longer hair often has static electricity in it, which can make a child very uncomfortable.

3. Parents get offended because their boys with longer hair get confused for girls.

4. Aesthetics – toddlers with longer hair look messy and “not looked after”.

5. Food has a better chance of ending up in a long hair than in a short hair.

With a list like this, no wonder I gave my boy a haircut as soon as he needed it.

How about you? When did you give / will give your baby the first haircut? On your own or at a salon? And how did it go?