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I had a problem: Eric didn’t want to eat his lunch. He was turning the head from side to side, trying to escape from the high chair, when he was clearly hungry – really exercising my patience. I had to come up with something, so my solution was to let him make is own soup – yes, that’s right.

He is a very independent little person and he wanted us both to participate in the meal equally. So I have put little pieces of bred, broccoli and carrot on his tray and brought a bowl with some chicken stock. Then I took a piece of broccoli and put it in the bowl, added to it some pieces of carrot and bred. Instantly he began to copy me and to do as I did. And he was so busy doing it, that forgot to protest and kept opening his mouth for me to give him the soup we made together.

That became our usual meal time routine – he would put pieces of cheese into his veggies, cookies in his milk, clearly having lots of fun and feeling satisfaction.