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Having introduced solids to Eric I started to wonder – how much should he eat, drink, what’s the right amount of calories for a baby his age (he was 8 months at the time). I was mostly worried about dehydration because I suspected that cutting the number of breastfeeds will cause him to not get enough fluids.

After some research I learned that a baby, even when eating solids must still have at least 500 – 600ml breast milk or formula a day. Apart from fluids it also has to do with iron intake a baby must have, otherwise it can affect his physical and mental development. In addition you can offer baby water or diluted fruit juice. To dilute the juice use 1 part of juice and 3 parts of water.

Another important point is – don’t get your baby used to constant sucking on sweetened drinks, because it can ruin his teeth. To avoid that danger many articles suggest put only breast milk, formula or water in baby’s bottle, nothing else. Oh, and another thing – it’s better to avoid cows milk until your baby is 12 month old because of possible allergies.