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Eric is a chubby baby and seeing him like that I started to get worried. I asked our dietitian about it and she told me that a baby won’t eat if he is not hungry, unlike adults who would eat because they like the taste of the food. It means that baby can not eat too much, and that is important to know because many babies at 6 – 12 months are chubby and I was thinking many times – am I feeding Eric too much, will I cause him to be overweight, etc. As to number of meals a day (I mean solid meals) – many sources say that 3 is a good number.

Another way of knowing that you’re baby is eating right is to follow his weight. Usually the doctors/nurses who are weighing your baby use charts to draw a line to see how his weight progressing. If that line stays within the same percentile – then your baby is eating fine, but if it falls down to a lower percentile and continues growing in it – that could mean that the baby’s not eating enough.