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I have said more than once that nothing comes easy to me. For a month now (starting at 6 months) we have been trying to get Eric on solids and what can I say – it wasn’t a complete failure but it is far away from success. I bought a book to learn about the best way of starting baby on solid food and tried everything it suggested – puree of veggies and fruits, rice cereal, etc. All he ate during this whole month of my attempts was about a teaspoon of rice cereal, a little piece of mashed banana and – surprise – a quarter of avocado. Oh, yes and he licked an apple twice.

But we learned a lot in the process. I learned how to steam fruits and veggies (did I mention that I am a disaster in the kitchen and Rob’s the one in charge of cooking?). I also learned not to use the blender to puree potatoes, because the outcome is a horrible sticky substance – they need to be mashed with a fork.

Eric has decided that he will feed himself and will only open his mouth if the spoon is in his hand, not mine or Rob’s. He is being crystal clear when the food no longer interests him – closed lips, face turned sideways, spoon lands on the floor. Frankly I am frustrated and do my best to keep it to myself. Yesterday I decided to see if anyone else was in the same trouble with solids and surprisingly quite a few people in a forum online were telling about similar problems, so I felt relieved a little. I keep reminding to myself – one day he will open the mouth and start eating, all it will take is time and PATIENCE.