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I took Eric to the “fussy eater” clinic today. Never in a million years I could imagine this scenario – my baby hates solid food. It has been a month and a half since I started introducing solids and there was no progress. I understand that some babies need more time than the others, but I was worried about two things – his iron level and if I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

We, mothers-moms-mummies, are the perfect guilt machines. We are so good at blaming ourselves for anything that is going wrong with our babies. I wish I was different – but that is not so.

I know that there is a window that should open between six and eight months of age, where babies get interested in solid food. I just wanted to make sure that Eric and I won’t miss it because of some mistake on my behalf.

So here I am, surrounded by dietitian, pediatrician and speech pathologist (what the heck?), busily examining my baby and firing questions at me. What food have you offered him, rice cereal, fruits or veggies, before or after the breast? Do you sit him in the chair with you when you’re having dinner? In the end of it all, they got Eric on a high chair and told me to feed him while they watch. He didn’t eat anything but happily chewed on the food containers, which made the dietitian very happy because that showed that he tolerates the taste and the texture of food.

Do you know the feeling when you think you’re doing a good job but to hear it from someone else makes all the difference? What a relief – they think that I am doing everything right and that I should keep it up until he finally starts eating. And they gave me a couple of good tips – offer the same food about 10 times (don’t confuse him with variety) and let him play with food. That means spill the puree on the tray of his high chair and let him smear it with his hands everywhere – to get him used to food and maybe a little bit will end up in his mouth.