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Unlike most of the babies, Eric refused to eat solids at 6 months. I tried everything, but he would spit out any food I gave him. I was really worried because I read that between 6 and 8 months a window of opportunity opens and it is the time to introduce solid food – I didn’t want to miss that window.

It finally happened, Eric started to eat solids. After 6 weeks of my frustrating attempts to offer him purees of all kinds he opened his mouth and ate a couple of spoons of mashed pears and bananas. At first I thought I was imagining it, and then I thought it won’t happen again – but it did!

The trick to get him to open his mouth was to give him the spoon – he immediately pulled it and started to suck and chew on it. Another trick was to let him “drink” the puree out of bottle lid, that too worked to get his mouth to open and to get the puree in it – and then he stopped spitting it out and just swallowed.

I also developed a certain way of feeding him. Little babies can’t lick to food off spoon – so I let him hold the spoon with the pure, we both bring it to his lips and once it’s in I quickly rotate it and the food “unloads” into his mouth – works like a charm.

Trying to keep his clothes clean after a meal was a challenge too. I bought him a bib with long sleeves that covers pretty much all of his body and that’s the only bib that worked for us. It is waterproof, easy to wash, dries quickly – this is what it looks like.

Finally, at age of 8 month, my baby is eating 3 meals of solids a day – I am so relieved!