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Messy toddler feeding himself in a high chairOne look at my kitchen floor will instantly reveal that my son is learning to feed himself. Self-feeding is a long, funny, touching and messy process. Right now we’re about 2 months into it and still a lot of food misses Eric’s mouth. Remember how I complained about pelican bib being a huge disappointment?

I used to have a bib that was made of rubber and had a “pocket” to catch spillages, but it had a problem – there was a huge gap around my son’s neck it didn’t cover and all the dripping liquids of his chin were getting on his neck and chest. In the beginning I even tried to use two bibs, one made of fabric underneath and another made of rubber on top of it to cover the gap. That didn’t work either and I still had to change Eric’s clothes after every meal because he was soaking wet. Finally I gave up on those useless rubber bibs – instead of saving me work they created more, because now I had to wash the rubber and the fabric ones.

Hey, not any more! I’ve found the right kind, and it has one small, but very important difference. A friend suggested that I tried Baby Bjorn bibs and she was right. They look exactly the same as the previous kind, but the way they close around Eric’s neck is different. There is a sliding kind of lock and it can be adjusted to any position, so it suits kids with various neck widths.

Here it is, have a look:Baby Bjorn Bibs

Eric puts it on and eats a bowl of soup – not a drop on his clothes. The pocket catches all the spillages, all the crumbs, all the grains, everything (well, unless my son intentionally throws stuff on the floor). I totally LOVE Baby Bjorn pelican bibs.


  • Easy to rinse
  • No need to wash (in washing machine)
  • All you need is one or two of those bibs (instead of at least 15 fabric ones), so obviously that translates into savings in terms of money, laundry powder, water and your time
  • Almost no mess on the floor
  • No changing wet / dirty clothes after every meal
  • I don’t have to sit there and try to reduce the mess by catching whatever he spills
  • My son learns some independence and enjoys his meals more
  • Cons:

    Couldn’t find any.

    And one final tip – being a very curious child, Eric tried to lift the pocket and naturally spilled everything. After that I started to put tissues in the rubber pocket to soak liquid and the last problem was solved.

    What is your favorite brand of bibs? Do you prefer fabric, rubber or disposable ones?