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Our child health nurse told me that Eric doesn’t eat solids because he’s just not hungry. “Are you feeding him at night?” she asked. The minute I said “yes…” she maid up her mind – that’s the root of the problem, this is why he doesn’t want solid food. “Stop doing that and he will want his breakfast”. She did warn me he was going to be hysterical the first three nights.

Well, what can I say – I tried. Instead of 3 days I gave it two weeks. Every night my hungry baby was waking up, expecting a feed, instead I was trying to settle him in every way possible – holding him in my arms, rocking, singing, shushing and he was screaming for 30 minutes. When he finally got tired and his mouth was to dry to keep crying, he waned to fall asleep but couldn’t – he was too hungry to sleep. Eventually I had to feed him and then he was out instantly. A couple of times I managed to not feed him for 4 – 5 hours. Did he want solids for breakfast? Of course not!

I guess the point is that in any battle between my instincts and someone else’s experience, I should let my instincts win. Deep down I knew that he wasn’t too full to try solids, he is just not ready yet.