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There are a lot of things I used to love, which I don’t have any more:

Rock climbing – I miss it the most. It gave me this incredible sense of achievement, something I don’t seem to get out of anything I do these days.

Occasional camping when we would take a tent, some food and just go hiking. Now preparing for any trip anywhere takes forever, too much stuff to take, to many preparations, considerations etc. Many times it makes me think “Let’s just forget it, all that logistics take the whole fun out of it”.

Not wearing my hair in a ponytail

Not wearing glasses, using contacts. After having Eric my eyes became more sensitive and it is harder for me to survive the day in contacts.

High hills – I am being cautious, what if I trip over something holding Eric in my arms

My old figure – I returned to my weight before pregnancy when Eric was 6 months old, but my body looks differently. I am fit (walking, swimming and just rocking a 10 kg baby 5 times a day help), but something still have changed, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I don’t feel beautiful any more – I know that to feel it I need some “me” time, and for the moment can’t afford it

Not having back pains. I never had back pains before. Since the 5th month of my pregnancy I have to live with them every day.

Occasional beer – breastfeeding and alcohol don’t really mix

People I spoke to used to look at me – now they look at my baby