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Little baby bare footEverything happens too fast. It seems like only yesterday we were taking our little treasure home from the hospital, and now he looks like a preschooler. I know, I know, he’s only 15 months, but somehow he looks so much older. And he seems to be well-developed for his age – eating on his own, drinking from a cup, trying to talk and in general understanding everything we tell him.

Not often I get sentimental, but today is one of those days. I know that some moments are already living only in my memory and will never happen again. I know that there are things I’d like to remember always, because they never fail to put a smile on my face:

1. Eric’s first smile, when he was two months old. People were telling me that those little smiles are really caused by gas, but they were wrong – that was a genuine smile.

2. The first time he laughed, at 3 months.

3. His first swim at 3 months. Actually I am already starting to forget and it’s fading away.

4. The first tooth at 6 months, which Eric literally helped me discover, he pulled my finger into his mouth and I felt that something sharp was poking me.

5. His first solid meal – at 8 months. He used to reject solid food and when he finally ate a couple of spoons of fruit pure, it seemed as a miracle that will never happen again.

6. The day he could stand up on his own for the first time – at 9 months. He was holding on to an arm chair, Rob was taking his picture and I was shivering, thinking he might fall every second.

7. At 10 months, the day we first took him to a park and put him on a slide. He couldn’t walk yet and I was holding his little hands, helping him move. He was absolutely thrilled and couldn’t stop watching the huge new world around him.

8. His first steps, at 11 months. Rob was the one who got to see it; they were playing outside when it happened. Funny thing is that I’ve also made my first steps with my father.

9. His first dance, at 12 months. He and I were in the yard, our neighbors were listening to a country song and I started dancing to it. The day after Eric pushed a button on his musical table and started dancing to the music, copying me.

10. His first word (other than momma/dada) at 13 months – he called our dog’s name. She was running away from him in the park and he was running after her, waving his hands but she didn’t see him. Finally he stopped and yelled her name and I was in the state of shock because it was the first time he’s spoken.

11. His first meal, eating on his own with a spoon at 14 months. A couple of weeks later he was already eating with a fork and I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

12. The day he began to talk to us, at 15 months. I was offering him a drink, pointed at the cup and said “water”. He repeated after me “wata”, I said: “that’s right, water”. From that day on he was repeating after Rob and I everything, like a little parrot.

I could go on and on, but I’d like to hear from you – what are your precious moments? What would you like to remember forever about your baby?