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Many moms, especially new moms, won’t accept used baby clothes even from friends. For some reason they consider offering hand-me-downs an offense – when in fact there are many reasons to say “yes, please” and be happy.

1) The most obvious reason – it saves money that can be spent on something else your baby needs.

2) Babies don’t care whether or not the clothes were used – only parents do.

3) It is an awesome learning experience for a new mom. You can find many items that are very convenient and make your life easier – but you wouldn’t go looking for those in the store for a simple reason, you wouldn’t know they existed.

For example, I found in the pile of baby clothes I’ve received from a friend a swaddle-me-wrap that is used to swaddle babies. It is much more convenient than a regular baby wrap, has touch-tape fastener to prevent the baby from unwrapping, and allows swaddling a baby very quickly even if you are a clueless new parent. I had no idea those things existed and surely wouldn’t go looking for one. Here’s a little video from Utube that shows exactly how to use it:

4) Looking at the selection of clothes you’ve received, you can learn what kind of clothes babies need. Otherwise you could stand in the shop for an hour just thinking – what should I get, this coverall or this bodysuit? What the heck is that thing for? Oh God, how does one dress a baby?

5) You get a chance to compare different types of clothes and accessories without paying for that experience.

Let’s take the bibs for example – there are so many types!

Some bibs cover the whole body from shoulders to knees:
Baby bib big covers body

Some bibs you can tie around the neck
Baby bib ties around the neck

Some bibs close with touch-tape or button:
Baby bib touch tape

Some bibs are made of rubber and are catching run-away food:
Bib for toddler or baby catching food

How can you possibly choose without trying them all? But if you had them given to you then having tried those out you’ll know what works best for you and the baby.

6) If you went through the pile and didn’t find anything you’d want to use – at least you can make some money by selling it to some else.