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Secret # 1: Staying close to mommy. Sit on the chair and hold the baby in your lap to give him the feeling of security.

Secret # 2: Get hygiene issues out of the way. Ask to have the scissors and the comb disinfected.

Secret # 3: Safety first. Ask to have all the extra scissors and potentially dangerous objects removed from baby’s reach.

Secret # 4: Prepare the hairdresser. Let them know if it’s the first time your baby gets a haircut and that you can’t guarantee the best behavior.

Secret # 5: No spraying. Ask the hairdresser not to spray baby’s head with water – baby can get scared by this sudden “cold shower”, use a wet hand or a wet towel instead.

Secret # 6: Hands out. Make sure baby’s hands are not covered otherwise he might panic and fight. Don’t expect the baby to sit still – instead act on the first signs of impatience, switch toys, sing songs, whatever works.

Secret # 7: Distractions, a lot of them and keep them coming. Make funny faces in the mirror, bring new toys or old and favorite ones, have a selection – if one stops working, maybe another one will. Ask to be sited next to another person that is having a haircut – so that baby will see that “Everyone’s getting a haircut”

I find those simple rules very useful. What do you think? What works for you? Leave a comment, let me know.