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It is amazing how babies learn this mew skill – walking. Eric started to stand up in his cot at about 8 months. He was holding on to the bars and slowly pulling his body up into standing position. A great tip I was given by Rob’s cousin – put some shoes on your baby as soon as they are able to stand up. Babies need get used to these new strange thingies on their feet, so that when they start walking the shoes won’t get in a way. Many babies that aren’t used to the shoes are tripping over a lot, which frightens and discourages them from trying to walk more. To be honest it took me some time too to get accustomed to putting shoes on Eric’s tiny feet – at first it seems like they don’t belong there.

By 9 months Eric was able to walk holding my fingers for support and he liked that new way of moving a lot. He started to walk around the furniture and through the kitchen, pushing his high chair in front of him, and holding on to it like a mini-walker.

Finally, today (at almost 11 months) he was with Rob in the garden picking leaves and pulling out grass, and Rob saw him standing up not holding on to anything. He was balancing on his feet and clearly didn’t need any support. So Rob tricked him into making his first steps, holding his hands at first to get him started and then letting them go – he kept on walking and made 3 steps! Then they came in, totally blew me away with the news and Eric walked from Rob to me a couple of times, clearly very proud of himself. My baby can walk now!