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We had hunger and thirst crossed out, he wasn’t cold or hot, he wasn’t in pain, and we were running out of ideas and patience – try putting up with hours of crying when nothing helps. Finally we found out what was causing Eric those mood swings – constipation.

Finding out the reason was one part of the problem – finding out why he was constipated was the other part. It took us two weeks of experimenting with the food he was eating, tummy massages, trying different stool softeners to finally get it – he wasn’t getting enough liquids. I thought that 3 solid meals, water and 3 breast feeds a day were enough but apparently it wasn’t so.

But how do you get more liquids into a baby that doesn’t like drinking water? My first idea was to feed him more soup. He agreed to that but it didn’t help with the problem. Then I tried giving him juice which he didn’t like at all. My last idea was to give him some formula. It felt weird to be giving formula milk to my breast-fed baby, but it was the right thing to do.

Once I started to give him formula milk – he totally changed into a much happier child; the constipation has disappeared and never returned. Hooray!