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Happy New Year CakeI am sure you’ve got plans for the New Years Eve. You are going to a party, celebrating with your friends or family, raising a toast to a successful New Year, all the fun stuff.

Same here, I am going away and will be welcoming the New Year in a cottage with lake views and everything. But thanks to the wonders of technology I can kind of be in two places at once – celebrating with my family and wishing you a Happy New Year in this post, so that just in case you had some time to check your favorite blogs – here I am!

Jokes aside, I am writing this because I want you to know – my readers are the very best. Every day of the year they give me the most valuable gift – their time, a luxury commodity. I am grateful to you all for sticking with me and looking forward to another year together.

Happy New Year, may your dreams come true and make room for new ones. Have a successful and a peaceful year. See you in 2009!