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Entertaining a baby is a juggling act and I am sure every baby is different – but here is what works for me. My trick is to not let him get bored, keep him moving from one activity to another. After he had enough of playing in his porta-cot, I let him crawl on the floor for about half an hour, then we try to master the skill of walking, play with the fridge magnets a little, then we go for a stroll in a the pram, to the shops – he likes to watch the people.

Twice a week we go to the pool, two major activities there are to swim, of course, and to watch other kids play in the water. Another “sports” that we do is the Jolly Jumper (that can last for about 20-30 minutes).

A high chair is a good place to play with the toys. We have noticed that like any baby, Eric likes to throw the toys on the floor, so we got a toy-bucket and taught him to throw the toys in there – so when he is done we simply empty the bucket on his tray and voila – he can start over again and I don’t have to pick the toys from all over the kitchen floor.

Meals are another big time consumer, they take about 30-40 minutes each, and snack times are good moments to read a book or to sing nursery rhymes together.

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