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Child thinkingSome posts this week that got me thinking in all kinds of directions. SimpleMom asked a question I haven’t considered yet: what should I tell my kid about Santa? How should I introduce him, have Rob dress up like Santa and bring Eric his presents? Should I say that Santa exists but people can’t see him?

The basic dilemma here is obviously that it is good for kids to believe in Santa and his presents, it’s exciting and fun, but then when they learn that Santa isn’t real, it’s a disappointment. And apparently many people are uncomfortable with pretending around the kids that Santa is real because it’s a kind of “white lie”. On the other hand, people who tell their children that there is no Santa are afraid their children might accidentally ruin the Christmas for the other kids. That’s a tough question; I haven’t decided yet how to handle it.

Almost Frugal has asked another tough question – should we talk about money with our kids? If we can not afford a toy they want, should we explain about being in debt and not having enough money? Or we just go with “Kids shouldn’t have to worry about a thing” approach?

I think we should tell them the truth. My family always struggled to make the ends meet and we, the kids, knew all about our financial situation. We knew that expensive toys and gadgets were out of the question and started to earn money early to save up and buy the things we wanted. My financial discipline has roots that go way back to that time and I would like my kid to have it too.

Just as I started to wonder what good books are there for one-year-olds, 5minutesformom came up with a post about Begin Smart books. Jennifer reviewed series of great developmental books for all age groups under 2: newborn to six months, six to twelve months, twelve to eighteen months, and eighteen to twenty-four months. I am definitely going to give Begin Smart books a try.

And Rookie Moms once again reminded me why I loved that blog in the first place – they are being very creative with Christmas gifts – not for babies, but for parents. They suggest the gift of experience – use Christmas as an excuse to get together with your friends and have fun, that’s the best present you can ever give them.