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Being a work-from-home mom, my life by definition revolves around work, home and, of course, my lil’ one. And yes, I don’t get out much, so I try to compensate by reading other people’s blogs. This week I have found some good stuff and it would be a shame to keep it to myself, so I’m sharing.

Nothing is more important than our kids’ heath. I have stumbled upon Mama Bear’s blog via the Carnival of Kids’ Health and found some interesting reads. There is a shocking article about tooth decay in infant teeth and how it can easily lead to cavities in permanent teeth later.

Babylicious is telling us in details about how much should toddler be eating, a great support for the moms of picky eaters.

I have also found a very interesting blog about kids – but not written by a parent, very unusual. Agony Aunt is brave enough to offer advice to other people who have children, while she doesn’t have any of her own – and what a good advice that is! Have a look at her suggestions for book shopping for kids, very useful.

Another interesting blog belongs to the Next Generation Parenting website. Their post about how our words try to teach the children one thing when in fact our actions teach them something completely different is really a wake-up call.

Well, that’s all I’ve found – do you have something to share? Leave a comment, let me know.